Community Outreach

shutterstock_146024816Now that you are elevating your health, we believe the ultimate expression of health resides in giving back to our community. Our passion to serve and bring health and healing extends beyond the confines of our office. We give back to our community by participating in community education and health service outside of taking care of the health needs of our patients. Vertical Chiropractic of Durango is involved with many organizations that are completely dedicated to making Durango and beyond a better place.

Our team participates in the #beawesometosomebody initiative by supporting the Manna Soup Kitchen which gives hope to the needy. In this program, our doctors participate in community health education programs that raise donations for this ministry. Within our in-house outreach program, Get Adjusted Do Good, our patients partner with us to internationally support organizations, like Hope Mission Home in India and Wiphan Care Ministries in Africa, with a vision for orphan and widow care. In addition to providing the best care possible, our team also is committed to educate our community about the inside-out paradigm of health through patient appreciation events, health fairs, expos, organizational speaking, spinal screenings, and other community events. Our mission is to love, to give, and to serve our Durango community.